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Preventing Child Pornography Addiction

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Pornography is one of the biggest issues in this era. The ease of accessing the internet and the need for gadgets are now one of the fastest ways to spread of pornographic content. In fact, currently, gadget users are not only adults but many children who use gadgets too. Even though there are some parents who decide not to give their children access to gadgets, we cannot deny that living in this era of gadgets is really needed. For communication needs, school and others. In addition, it is difficult for us to control the external things around us. So the importance of the role of the family in preventing pornography in children. 

The Dangers of Pornography 

Pornography is not only in the form of videos but can be in the form of photos, drawings, illustrations, writing, sound, animation, cartoons, poetry, conversations, gestures, or conversations that contain sexual exploitation which deviates from social norms. Pornography is also referred to as Narcolemma or Narcotics Through the Eyes. The effects resulting from pornography are the same as the effects of consuming drugs. Pornography leaves a lot of negative impacts on children. Quoted to the Indonesian Ministry of Health, pornography addiction can have an impact on adaptation failures, as well as damage brain function and brain structure. The pattern of damage that occurs resembles the physiological symptoms of someone who consumes alcohol and drugs.

Preventing Pornography 

As parents, our role is very big in efforts to prevent pornography in children. The following are the steps that must be taken: 

  • Controlling 

Children need social control from their environment, just as parents control their children. Behavioral control refers to rules, regulations, and restrictions that parents provide, such as monitoring children's activities. Behavior control focuses on managing children's behavior by creating a regulatory structure through several treatments such as monitoring and setting limits on behavior. This can be done by limiting children from playing with gadgets, not giving them gadgets at night, increasing interactions outside of gadgets, monitoring the history of using children's gadgets or treating mode "kids" on gadgets. Most cases of pornography addiction in children are due to the absence of gadget control from parents so that children will easily access any form of information including pornographic content. This must be done especially when children are introduced to gadgets. 

  • Modeling 

Parents are the first models for their children. Parents can model positive as well as negative behavior. This includes the behavior of using gadgets. Parents who always use their gadgets will also be an example for children to use their gadgets frequently. So in this case, the initial process to prevent accessing pornographic content is the low intensity of gadget use. 

Modeling involves the process of (1) Attention, the process by which the observer/child pays attention to the behavior or appearance of the model. Children tend to imitate warm, nurturing, and strong models. Therefore the mother acts as a model with a warm approach to children. (2) Retention, a process that refers to individual efforts to enter information about the model. The mother explains to the child that both mother and child do not use gadgets. Explanations must be done repeatedly to build confidence in children so they can follow their mother's behavior as a model. 

  • Attachment Building.

To be able to find out how children use their gadgets, and how they think about something, we must build an attachment with them. Building attachment is necessary so that children can be open with their parents. Children can trust their parents so they will be open and tell stories including taboo things such as pornography. It would be useless if we just control too much without allowing children to be open with their parents. They could have secretly accessed the content and hidden it from their parents. A good relationship is where both parties can communicate and convey what is felt. 

The way to build this relationship can be by providing care and being an interactive social partner who can share experiences with children. This care is related to fulfilling psychological needs such as affection for children. Therefore, parents should involve their children by building attachments to accompany their children while sleeping. So, bedtime is used not only by accompanying children but also inviting children to share stories about children's experiences during the day at school. 

Expressing concern also needs to be done by parents. With parents expressing concern, it will build a sense of security for children. When the child feels safe, parents can ask how their child saw pornography. Children who already feel safe will tell you about it. So make sure that parents have built a sense of security for their children. 

  • Instilling Moral Values

​​Human interaction has led to rules, namely morality. But developmentally, children have not been able to understand the applicable moral values ​​without being preceded by stimulation from their environment. Parents as the closest family have a major influence on children's moral development. Parents can teach how children should behave and what behavior to avoid. Therefore, Mother taught that viewing pornography is an act that must be avoided because it is included in immoral acts where these actions violate the morality contained in religion and society. The cultivation of these moral values ​​will limit children when they want to do things that violate norms. 

  • Supporting activities

Parents can support children in carrying out activities, especially those that are physical or artistic. When children do a lot of activities, it can prevent them from using gadgets. In addition, the excess energy stimulation will be diverted and channeled through activities. Excessive use of gadgets tends to make children lazy and eventually do not do any activities other than playing with gadgets. So the role of parents is very important to invite and support their children to carry out activities as long as these activities are positive.

That was an explanation of how parents prevent pornography in their children. This method must be consistently carried out together. Parents can't just excel at controlling gadgets without modeling, instilling moral values ​​, and getting children active. By taking the above actions, it is hoped that children will avoid pornography and become better human beings. 

By Salsabilatuzzahra Jaha S.Psi from BehaviorPALS 


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