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photo of birthday tale book cover kinderkloud
Birthday Tale
Writer Kinderkloud
Personalized book symbolizing that each child is special, wished for, longed for and play for and all the nature celebrate them together. Children will be introduced to various animals in their natural habitats along the journey.
photo of dream high book cover kinderkloud
Dream High
Writer Kinderkloud
Personalized book to help Children imagine the professions in the future through their lens and encourage the little dreamers to explore and pursue their passion because the future is in their hands.
photo of prayer warrior book cover kinderkloud
Prayer Warrior
Writer Kinderkloud
Personalized book to explain and the concept and importance of prayers to children and continuously remind our future generations to be mindful and thankful even for the smallest things in life. A guide book for our little prayer warriors to pray every day, everywhere and in every way.
photo of 5 colorful balloons book cover kinderkloud
5 Colorful Balloons
Writer Blubridge Center
Balonku ada 5.. Rupa Rupa Warnanya..
Taking this classic to another level by combining this seemingly simple songs with Plutchick's Wheel of Emotions to introduce children to understand and express their feelings positively with introduction to Manners and Values in every step of the way for everyday life.
photo of starry starry paradise book cover kinderkloud
Starry Starry Paradise
Writer Kinderkloud x Marianne Rumantir
Are you team mountain or team beach?
Personalized book to trigger the imagination and curiosity to discover the wonders of our wonderful Indonesia. The food, music, fashion, language, landscape and the culture. They all never fail to amaze us. What better legacy can we pass on for Indonesia than by instilling nationalism to the future generation of this part of the planet called heaven on earth.
photo of cerita di festival ceria book cover kinderkloud
Cerita di Festival Ceria
Writer Kinderkloud | Parentalk | Good Enough Parents
Tidak ada dua yang sama persis, setiap anak memiliki kegemaran, keunikan, dan karakterisitik yang spesial termasuk Kakak dan Adik. Ikuti perjalanan mereka dalam sebuah kisah akhir pekan yang berkesan di Festival in the Jungle untuk mengeksplorasi dan mengenal diri mereka masing-masing lebih dalam lagi.
photo of preparing for a sibling book cover kinderkloud
Preparing for a Sibling
Writer Regina F. Amal
A heartwarming story where child learns what it means to become a bigger sibling. Featuring both children, in one delightful story! Meanwhile, parents are assuring that each child will always be loved just the same. There will always be enough love for everyone.
photo of being a good sport book cover kinderkloud
Being a Good Sport
Writer Sigi Wimala
In the heart of this whimsical THE GREAT FOREST GAME, your loved ones discovers the true essence of sportsmanship: the cherished value of friendship that outshines any victory. Experience the joy of camaraderies and empathy as your loved ones embraces the spirit of being a good sport, leaving a lasting impression on young hearts.
photo of birthday wishlist book cover kinderkloud
Birthday Wishlist
Writer Kinderkloud x Mama Ani
This year, on a memorable birthday occasion, a caring Mom considered sharing the importance of delayed gratification. Join your loved one in crafting a birthday wishlist and discovering the Power of Patience to make each birthday genuinely extraordinary.
photo of christmas wishlist book cover kinderkloud
Christmas Wishlist
Writer Kinderkloud x Mama Ani
This year, on a memorable christmas occasion, a caring Mom considered sharing the importance of delayed gratification. Join your loved one in crafting a christmas wishlist and discovering the Power of Patience to make each christmas genuinely extraordinary.
photo of bersuara untuk udara
 book cover kinderkloud
Bersuara untuk Udara
Writer Bicara Udara
Langit biru adalah hak semua orang. Kita semua dapat berkontribusi menjadi pahlawan udara bersih melalui tindakan kecil sehari-hari. Buku ini mengajak anak-anak untuk memahami pentingnya menjaga kebersihan udara dan bagaimana mereka dapat berkontribusi.

Journey to the Top

Follow your beloved in an ambitious journey to conquer Indonesia's highest mountains.

An adventure full of rediscovery to find what matters the most.

Writer Kinderkloud x Marianne Rumantir

Illustrator Kinderkloud

  4-8 years old

  ABC STEM (Art, Business, Character, Language + STEM)

  English, Indonesian

  Full Colour Hard Cover Board Book

  Dimension : 16 x 22 x 2 cm

  Rounded Edges for safety

  Packaging: Sealed NEW book
      Free Bubble Wrap & Poly Mailer

  Pre Order: Pre Order: ± 10 Days After payment

Personalize book
discover indonesia  kinderkloud

Discover Indonesia

Explore Indonesian riches in natural resources, culinary delicacies, local flora fauna, tribes and cultures in one activity.
Can you guess which belongs to each of the provinces?

heritage of indonesia kinderkloud

Heritage of Indonesia

Wayang is an Indonesian traditional musical puppetry, whom many enjoy and love.
Let our children be the dalang and create their own wayang theatrical performance.